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Biceps Workout Moves

Barbell Curls

Start standing and holding a barbell. Hand will be shoulder-width apart and palms facing forward, elbows close to you (A). Keep upper arms stationary and curl weights forward/upward. Only your forearms should move until your biceps are fully contracted at shoulder level (B). Return to starting position A.

Variation: Curls can also be performed wth a straight bar attachment hooked to a low pulley (aka Cable Curl)

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Tricep Workout Moves

Tricep Pushdowns

With a bar, rope or v-grip attached to a high pulley, use an overhand grip with palms facing down, arms in close to your sides and forearms pointing towards the pulley (A). Using your triceps, push the the bar, rope or v-grip down until arms are fully extended and close to your thighs (B). Your upper arms should remain still through the move.

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Shoulders Workout Moves

While doing any pressing moves, lateral raises or front raises, be sure to keep your shoulder blades back & down, away from your ears. If you feel any pain in your neck or traps, lower the weight you are using. Proper form is critical to help prevent injury or strain.

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Chest Workout Moves

Dumbbell Bench Press

Lay back on a bench with a pair of dumbbells, palms facing forward (A). Fully extend your arms, up and together (B). Slowly lower both dumbbells to the sides of your chest, returning to position A, then press the dumbbells back to position B. This move can also be done on the ground or on a stability ball if you do not have a bench.

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What's An Ideal Personal Training Client Look Like?

Personal trainers give so much to ensure their client's success. It is perfect harmony when a trainer's dedication matches that of their client. We wanted to know what a dream client looks like, so we asked 7 of our trainers what qualities and traits they prefer to see in their clients.

Here are their answers:

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