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Personal Training Programs

What types of training programs do you offer?

Inursha offers specially designed fitness programs including:

We believe that health, fitness and well-being are truly about understanding complexities of the human body and how it functions naturally. Our personal training team uses their extensive experience with proven exercise practices and new industry trends to help you attain your goal.

Why Consider an Inursha Personal Trainer?

  • Knowledge - Inursha personal trainers are certified and/or degreed in exercise physiology and kinesiology. They are constantly in touch with new information and techniques through continuing educational programs.
  • Motivation - You perform better when you are working with another person, especially someone who wants you to excel.
  • Maximizing Time Efficiency - You save time by having a thorough workout, pre-planned by your personal trainer.
  • Routine Updates - Your personal trainer can revise your program to maximize results and keep your workout fresh and motivating.
  • Coaching - The best athletes in the world have coaches, because coaches make sure you use proper form and technique during all aspects of training. A positive change in technique, however small, can make a big difference in your performance.
  • Safety - Since our personal trainers watch for proper form, this helps reduce your risk of injury. Your safety is a top priority at Inursha.
  • Commitment - When you know your Inursha personal trainer will be there each week, ready and encouraging, you are more likely to take seriously this partnership for your personal fitness. It means a commitment from us and from you!

How much personal training do you need?

Others may get benefits from 1 to 2 weekly sessions as a basic maintenance routine. Your Inursha personal trainer will make recommendations for customizing your desired fitness program. Personal training frequency depends on you and your individual goals. Beginners and individuals looking for rapid results may want to schedule 2 to 4 sessions a week until a solid fitness base becomes developed.

Who needs personal training?

No matter what level of fitness or how familiar you are with working out, YOU can benefit from Inursha personal training. If you have never even lifted a weight or if you are a professional athlete, Inursha personal training can make an important difference.

Beginners learn correct exercise techniques and patterns through the guidance of your personal trainer. If you're an Intermediate Exerciser, you know you can often reach a plateau in unsupervised workouts. Your experienced Inursha personal trainer can teach you new techniques and give you personalized training programs to break through barriers and lift you to new levels of fitness.

Advanced exercisers use Inursha personal training to reach a specific goal. Whether training for an advanced sport or challenging outdoor activity, time spent with your Inursha personal trainer will provide you with a game plan for success.

Rehabilitation and weight loss are other areas where our personal trainers can help. Whatever your training needs, Inursha personal trainers can provide the experience, the guidance, the motivation, and the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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