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Weekly Meal Prep

Maintaining a healthy diet is a crucial part of achieving your fitness goals, and we are committed to making your journey easier and more convenient. Now you can place orders for delicious and nutritious meals from JVL Foods. The meals are carefully crafted to support your fitness objectives, whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight, or simply maintain a balanced diet.

How to Order Your Weekly Meal Prep

  • Place your orders online every Saturday by 9:00 pm.
  • Your freshly prepared meals will be available for pick-up at Inursha every Monday after 2:00 pm.

Order between Sunday and Wednesday at midnight and take advantage of a 10% discount. Just use promo code Early10 at checkout!

About JVL Foods

Joe Lane is the former owner of the award-winning restaurant Fish Creek Seafood and Steakhouse. Drawing from his 20+ years experience in the restaurant business he is proud to bring you In Home Chef Experiences, Chef Prep, Full-Service Catering and Weekly Meal Prep Options.

JVL Foods believes that life is about balance and a healthy diet is a part of that balance. Every meal can be customized or ordered as shown. These ready-to-eat meals will stock your fridge with healthy options to help you balance while striving to reach your fitness goals!