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Sitting is the New Smoking

December 13, 2015
Mark Fadden

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Recently, I was watching a CNBC interview where the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, who was talking about his employees’ job performance, said that he no longer supports the old “butts in the chair equals productivity” adage because, as he put it, “sitting is the new smoking.”

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Best of Getting & Spending 2013

September 25, 2013
FW Weekly
Gym or Health Club


Readers’ choice: Inursha Fitness, 525 Bailey Av, FW
Critic’s choice: Inursha Fitness
Inursha Fitness is small, and their trainers are committed to getting you fit. With consistently updated, top-notch equipment, a nice array of classes (including a boot camp), and four types of massages offered, Inursha makes going to the gym less of a chore and more of a commitment to yourself.

Best in DFW: Fitness - Get ideas for the gym that’s right for you

By LESLIE BARKER | Dallas News
Staff Writer | January 7, 2013

What's the best gym for singles? For classes? Vote for your favorites in our Best in DFW: Fitness reader's choice polls

Gyms dot the Dallas landscape like sprinkles on cupcakes. Or perhaps that's not such a good analogy when it comes to being fit. But if you're ready to start working off those holiday treats, we know where you can start.

To compile this listing, we sought opinions from people who use the gyms, from trainers to members to instructors, plus knowledge culled from various sources like — well, ourselves. Because there are so many gyms in our midst, this is a nonscientific sampling of the best our area has to offer.

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Best of Getting & Spending 2012

September 26, 2012
FW Weekly
Gym or Health Club

getting2012Readers’ choice: Inursha Fitness, 525 Bailey Av, FW
There are many LA Fitness gyms in North Texas but none like the one tucked into the liveliest part of the Fort, the West 7th development. Not only does this gym have a great location, but it also boasts state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes, and personal trainers. And the gym has a play area for the kiddos with professionals watching them so parental units can fully focus on their workouts.