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Best Place to Sweat 2010

Fort Worth, Texas Magazine
Best Place to Break a Sweat - Working Out of Course
June 2010

"What sets this upscale fitness facility apart is its variety of classes and workouts as well as the fitness team that helps members stick with their workout routine."

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Best of Getting & Spending 2009

September 30, 2009
FW Weekly
Gym or Health Club

best of 2009

Critic’s choice: Inursha Fitness
The staff at Inursha Fitness is friendly, the place is clean, the location is easy to get to, and parking is usually good. The vibe is laid-back and family-friendly. There's a nice mix of new-ish equipment, machines, and free weights. The 10-year-old gym doesn't pressure-sell fancy supplements or training classes. The focus is more on lifestyle change that's gradual and do-able, rather than a magic shake in a can.

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Workout techniques to help you during the summer

July 15, 2008
Fort Worth Star-Telegram


If you are ready for a little midsummer strengthening, the following exercises will firm and tone the hips, thighs and buns. Do each move 12 to 15 times, two times a week. If you stick with it, fabulous, fit and firm glutes are just four to six weeks away.

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Nice Guys Finish First

Club Solutions Magazine
March 2008

Robin Thomas is a big softie-and he doesn't care who knows it. Our March 2008 Health Club Professional knows it takes a combination of brains, brawn and heart to succeed in the health and fitness industry.

Growing up, Robin Thomas was the kid who said he'd rather own a gym than play professional baseball.

Now he's 40 and his  gym has been going strong for almost a decade, but Robin still gets excited talking about his career.

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Pumping Up 2006

November, 6, 2006
Carolyn Poirot | Star-Telegram

Ever wondered how competitive bodybuilders bulk up naturally? Ever aspire to have a Schwarzenegger-like physique?

We asked two local championship bodybuilders, Robin Thomas and Betty Pariso, what it takes to get competition-ready and whether just anyone can do it. Warning: Don't think you're too old to start. Pariso started bodybuilding professionally at age 40. (See "Who they are," below.)

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