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What's An Ideal Personal Training Client Look Like?

Personal trainers give so much to ensure their client's success. It is perfect harmony when a trainer's dedication matches that of their client. We wanted to know what a dream client looks like, so we asked 7 of our trainers what qualities and traits they prefer to see in their clients.

Here are their answers:

Robin Thomas: Someone who is willing to work hard and do things outside of the gym to make their program work.

Stephanie Brown: Someone that shows up and is ready to get after it.

Glory Thomas: Someone that is ready to change – how they feel about themselves, their health, and their lifestyle. Someone that actively decides to shape who they are and what they want their life to be.

Crystal Apodoca: Someone that is driven to succeed.

Paul Barrientes: Someone that is determined and willing.

Patti Green: Someone who is dedicated, goal oriented, and open to assistance and motivation.

Chris Lyon: Someone that has goals and is willing to try new things. They should be open and honest about diet and any outside training.

The traits and opinions seem to be recurring - show up, be consisitent, work hard, and stay focused. Do you have what it takes?