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Need a New Gym?

Still going strong in Fort Worth...

Inursha Fitness opened in 1999, with the goal to provide Fort Worth with an upscale fitness facility. We have grown over the years but we have made it our business to bring health and fitness to our members through a very personal connection. Our strength comes from our sense of community -- of belonging.There is no intimidation, just a new healthy lifestyle, one step at a time.

Having variety in your workout program is important to your overall health for many reasons. The easiest way for you to stick to your workout routine is to make sure you are having fun while you are working out. Inursha Fitness offers a variety of classes and workouts to help you alternate your program. It is an effective way to keep your workout fresh and help break the monotony of your everyday routine. Punch Card classes are available to non-members on a price/class basis. The accessibility of our fitness instructors and personal trainers is the single biggest asset in reaching our position as the top gym in Fort Worth. Our success as a gym and health club would not be possible without our fantastic Fitness First Team. Our team anticipates and incorporates new trends in the fitness industry. Utilizing their education and experience, they personalize your experience with us - helping you to realize your goals, learn new skills and improve your performance.