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Best of Getting & Spending 2009

September 30, 2009
FW Weekly
Gym or Health Club

best of 2009

Critic’s choice: Inursha Fitness
The staff at Inursha Fitness is friendly, the place is clean, the location is easy to get to, and parking is usually good. The vibe is laid-back and family-friendly. There's a nice mix of new-ish equipment, machines, and free weights. The 10-year-old gym doesn't pressure-sell fancy supplements or training classes. The focus is more on lifestyle change that's gradual and do-able, rather than a magic shake in a can. Owner Robin Thomas, a former personal trainer, still books training appointments and says his clients' commitment to weight loss and changing their "numbers" - cholesterol, blood pressure - is as important as getting pumped up.

Inursha Fitness | 2927 Shamrock Avenue | Fort Worth, Texas 76107 | (817) 332-7554 phone | (817) 332-9808 fax
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